Event Guidelines

Forum Event at Normandale Community College

All parties (internal, external and student groups) interested in hosting a meeting/ event on campus are expected to follow the Campus Event Guidelines in order to preserve and enhance the primary function of the facilities, which are teaching, learning, student development and public service. In order to preserve and enhance these primary functions, the use of College facilities for external groups will be limited to those entities with similar values and vision.

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Event/Reservation Guidelines for Normandale Meeting, Conference, Multi-Purpose and Banquet Rooms

  1. For all requestors of meeting, conference, multi-purpose and banquet rooms:
    1. A minimum of 30 days notice is required for the Kopp Student Center Garden Room and other multi-purpose rooms.
  2. All non-student requestors must complete the Facility Request Form online.
  3. All student activities and programs require a completed Pre-Event Program Plan.
  4. All requests are processed by the Event Coordinator in the order they are received.
    1. Upon receiving the electronic confirmation, it is the responsibility of the organization reserving the facility to establish that the facility reservation is correct and complete.
    2. The Event Coordinator reserves the right to change room assignments in the event of conflict or to
      accommodate additional requests.
  5. Standard room set-up for the Kopp Student Center Garden Room is empty. Please discuss your event set-up request with the Event Coordinator at least 14 days prior to your event.
  6. A schedule of campus events can be viewed on Virtual EMS.
  7. Normandale staff may block spaces for maintenance, deep cleaning, or repairs as needed.
  8. Faculty, staff, departments and organizations using college facilities may incur charges for setup, supervision, staff overtime, security or other fees depending on the scope and nature of the event.
  9. Kopp Student Center facilities
    1. Priority for approval for use Kopp Student Center facilities:
      • Student events opened to campus
      • Recognized Student Club/ Organization meetings/events
        • The first opportunity for Recognized Student Club/Organizations to request a meeting room for the following year is on April 1.
        • Requests received after April 1 will be processed on a first-received, first-reserved basis.
        • An exception may be made for events involving contracted performers or speakers.
      • Student groups in the process of becoming a Recognized Student Club as approved by the Normandale Senate. The advisor will act as a sponsor for the group until it has reached an approved status.
      • Kopp Student Center's staff conferences, meetings, and events
      • Other campus meetings
      • Off-campus groups/organizations
    2. KSC Garden Rooms A, B, C are not available for series type events, generally defined as weekly or regularly scheduled meetings.
    3. Meeting rooms are locked when not reserved. A reservation must exist for use of any assigned space in the Kopp Student Center.

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Occupancy Agreement & Cancellation Fee

  1. In order to book a space, all off campus users must complete a Facility Request form.
  2. Once the request is approved, all off campus users must sign a Facility Use Agreement to guarantee a space.
  3. The rental fee is due 30 days before the start of the event. For conferences in which multiple rooms are utilized, payment is due 60 days before the start of the event and a deposit may be required.
  4. The renter will forfeit all additional sums paid to the college if the event is cancelled within 60 days of the event date.
  5. The check(s) for payment of this fee shall be payable to Normandale Community College and sent to the Campus Event Office - K1417, 9700 France Avenue South, Bloomington, MN 55431.
  6. Normandale may cancel this agreement at anytime should unforeseen circumstances occur that would make the event inadvisable, illegal or impossible to occupy the facility. If Normandale is forced to cancel an agreement for any reason, the renter will be notified promptly and all sums of money including the security deposit will be returned to the renter.

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Decorating Policy

  1. Nothing can be hung on the walls.
  2. Latex balloons are prohibited at Normandale Community College.
  3. Glitter is not allowed on campus.
  4. Contact the Event Coordinator for allowable decorations.

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Property Damage

All renters will be responsible for any damages incurred during the use of all Normandale space.

  1. Renter will inspect the space for damaged, missing or destroyed items, including fixtures, equipment and machinery.
  2. With respect to such damaged, missing or destroyed items, the College shall have the right, at its sole discretion, to either:
    1. repair, restore, or replace such items at its own cost, and submit an invoice for the same amount to renter, which agrees to pay within 30 days; or
    2. to require renter to repair, restore or replace all damaged, missing or destroyed items to the satisfaction of the college all at renter's cost.

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Certificate of Liability

Prior to occupancy, users of the College shall provide evidence of adequate liability insurance coverage in the form of a certificate of insurance naming the State of Minnesota, by and through the Board of Trustees of Minnesota State Colleges and Normandale Community College, as an additional insured, prior to using or occupying a Facility.

Coverage shall be maintained during the term of the use or rental and reflect a coverage of $2,000,000 for death by wrongful act or omission, and $2,000,000 for any claimant in any other case, but not to exceed $2,000,000 for any number of claims arising out a single occurrence. Licensee shall maintain this coverage at its sole expense during the use of this space.

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  1. Live Music
    Any live performances must be approved by the Campus Event Coordinator.
    The College holds an ASCAP/BMI license for the public performance of music and theatrical works. However, in some circumstances you may be required to obtain a license when hosting or promoting a live music or theatrical
  3. Public Performance Rights
    1. Purchasing Public Performance Licenses may be needed to show films.
    2. Public performance rights are the legal rights held by distributors or producers over the showing of a film outside of one's home. The rights-holder can grant others the temporary right to show the film by selling them or
      granting them a public performance license.
    3. All films being shown outside the home are considered "public" regardless if admission is charged or if screening is for a non-profit organization, school, library or other state agency.
    4. The Copyright Act allows films to be screened in "face-to-face teaching" situations defined by specific criteria.
      The criteria for the teaching exemption are as follows:
      • the screening is limited to students who are enrolled in a class in which the film is a part of systematic mediated instructional activities.
      • the instructor is present, and the screening is an integral part of the classroom session. Playing films for the department, for honors students, or as a "film series" or lecture series does not qualify for the teaching
        exemption, but requires a public performance license.
    5. Most tapes and DVDs are sold without public performance rights, but some tapes and DVDs are sold with limited public performance rights. The may enable you to play the tape/DVD for its lifetime in public screenings
      on your campus. However, you may not copy the tape/DVD or lend the tape/DVD to other institutions or organizations, or charge admission for the screenings you hold with that tape/DVD.

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Catering Arrangements

No outside food will be allowed. Lancer Hospitality is the sole provider of food and beverages at Normandale.

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Alcohol Policy

  1. Normandale abides by all federal, state and city ordinances and laws.
  2. All requests to serve alcohol must be made 30 days prior to the event.
  3. Normandale will determine the terms and conditions, including the time and places alcohol can be sold.
  4. Security will be required at all events serving alcohol. You will be billed for the number of hours and officers that Normandale determines are needed.
  5. The consumption of alcohol in common public areas is strictly prohibited.
  6. The distribution of alcohol must cease at least 30 minutes prior to the end of the event.
  7. No alcohol can be served after 11 p.m.
  8. Normandale reserves the right to terminate the selling of alcohol at any point during an event if it is determined that it is not being done in a safe, legal and responsible manner.

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Smoking Policy

Normandale Community College has a No Smoking policy in all buildings. There are some designated smoking areas outdoors.

No tobacco products may be sold. For more information, visit Smoking Policies & Procedures.