Event Planning & Promotion

Important information regarding scheduling events

  • With the exception of small group and business meetings, all ON-CAMPUS EVENTS of a programming nature must be discussed with the appropriate advising department before the event or activity can be scheduled with a Facility Manager.
  • OFF-CAMPUS EVENTS sponsored by student-activity-fee-funded organizations and student clubs must be discussed with the appropriate advising department before the event or activity can be scheduled.
  • Activities and events sponsored by recognized student organizations should be reviewed with the following:
    • Student Organizations - Organization Advisor
    • Student Clubs - Club Advisor and Student Life Program Coordinator
    • Other Student Life Budget Committee Activity-Fee-Funded Groups - SLBC Budget Manager/Advisor

If problems arise during your event, contact your advisor or Student Life. Any problems should be noted on a program evaluation form.

Publicizing meetings and events

Normandale Television

These intercampus monitors are located throughout the campus. Submit any information you want to run with your notices to your advisor to send to Tech Services. Be sure to include the day, time, and location of the event as well as a contact name and email.

Posters and Banners

Contact: The Zone: Clubs & Orgs Office at 952-358-8127

If you want posters or banners printed, submit a Poster Request Form and your completed poster to be enlarged. There is a limit of four posters per event open to the campus for each student club/organization. Excessive use may result in a cost for the service.

You can get markers, recycled poster board, banner paper, etc., for making posters in The Club Zone, K 1425.

Normandale Marquee

Along the campus perimeter, on the corner of 98th street and France Avenue, is a large marquee. The Marketing Communications Department schedules the use of the entire marquee. Because there are a large number of groups vying for this popular space, decisions are made on the potential community impact as well as variety. 

Submit a request to marketing@normandale.edu if you want to use any of the outdoor signs to promote an event.

Press Releases and Advertising in External Media

The Director of Media and Public Relations provides media relations support for all events on the campus. Weekly releases are sent to a variety of news media. The Marketing and Communications staff would be happy to assist you in publicizing your events and your news. 

Things to Remember

Most media require 10 days lead time, so the staff need sufficient time to get your story in the process. Consider photos. These are particularly important if you want to release a story on a student.

Where do you want the story to appear? Many of our students come from out-of-state, and their hometown newspapers are eager to have news. Let us know the hometown.
Releases must by word processed. Include a contact phone number in case we need additional information.

Keep Marketing and Communications informed about upcoming events (two to four months out) and annual campaigns, themes, and plans, since these sometimes can be included in college-side publications that go to the community, recent students and alumni.

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