Bloomington Public Schools Science Tutoring

Agency Description: Bloomington Public Schools Science Tutoring is a program in which Normandale students work within the Bloomington Public School District to help K-12 students improve their science skills.  Most opportunities are in middle school.

Position Description:

Tutors spend 1.5 to 3 hours a week during a set time at a Bloomington school, tutoring students in science. Most tutors work one-on-one with students or will help a number of students in a classroom.  Tutoring positions are during the school day (7:45 am-3:00 pm) Monday-Friday. Tutoring times vary based on when they have science class.  We do our best to work around your schedule when we place you with a classroom. You will need your own transportation to and from the school; several schools are on the bus line. You must also pass a background check (no cost to you).  While previous tutoring experience is helpful, it is not required to apply. New tutors attend a required 30 minute training session at Normandale.

How to Apply: 

The application deadline for spring 2018 has passed.  So, the application links below are no longer active.

Application process:

          1. Submit an online Science Tutoring Normandale application. 

          2. Submit an online application to the Bloomington Public Schools. You must complete BOTH the Normandale and Bloomington Public Schools application.

          3. Attend Training.  You will get an email confirming your training time.  The half hour trainings are at Normandale and are done by the Volunteer Coordinator from Bloomington Public Schools. The training counts toward your service hours.

          4. Respond to the background check email. After you submit your application you will receive an email from that you must respond to.  If you don’t see the email check your junk folder.  If you don’t get an email in 1-2 weeks contact

          Contact the Center for Experiential Education with any questions:  (952) 358-8119 or 

Note about Tracking Hours: In order to get credit for your hours you must record your hours on a Normandale Service-Learning Timesheet.  Pickup a Timesheet in C1066 or download a copy online.  Once you have completed your hours, you should have the site supervisor sign your timesheet to confirm your hours.  Submit your completed timesheet to the Center for Experiential Education, C1066.