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Important Announcements

You are strongly encouraged to apply as early as possible prior to the start of each academic term.

Applying early assures you:

  • The best service during your transition to college
  • The best course availability as courses with high demand fill early
  • The best class times (morning classes fill first)
  • The best preparation for placement testing
  • On-time processing of your financial aid.

Early application for financial aid also assures you priority consideration for all of the available financial aid programs for which you may be eligible.

Separate admissions and financial aid applications are required.

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You should NOT apply online if you are:

A Visiting Student -

Visiting students should not submit an application for admission. See the Visiting Student section for additional information.


International  students should not submit an online pplication for admission because of the number of supporting documents that are also required with the application itself. See the International Student Admissions section for additional information.

A PSEO Student -

PSEO students should not submit an aonline pplication for admission because of the number of supporting documents that are also required with the application itself. See the PSEO Program section for additional information.

In order to be accepted to Normandale Community College, you must submit your application with the payment for the application fee, official transcripts to the Office of Admissions.
« Instead of the online application form, students may fill out the Print Application.

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Online Application Instructions

Apply Online

Apply using our Online Application. As you can see from the instructions below, there are many screens to drive through. If you need assistance you can visit us at Normandale and apply online here using one of admissions' computers where help is readily available for any questions.

The new online application is MOBILE friendly.

It will format differently according to what kind of phone or tablet you are using.

You can either login using your StarID right away or you can use this page to create one, if you don't already have one.

The 8 Steps involved in applying online to Normandale

^ The new application has about 25 screens making up the 8 sections.

Each screen has just a few items to check, select or fill out.

Most users should be able to go through this in a half hour or less.

 After completing the 8 sections, you will arrive at the Success Page!

You'll note that your application at this point is still pending.

You must pay the application fee [$20]  before you application can be accepted and complete any other requirements listed on this page.

New with this page, you can:

  • PAY for the application [$20] from this page
  • Generate a Transcript Form from this page, if you need one.
  • Opt-in to Text Messaging for Admissions/Campus communications.
  • If you are a Transfer, you can also apply to another MnSCU institution from this page.


If you experience problems paying online contact 1-877- GO-MNSCU (1-877-466-6728).

You will receive an automated email response that your online application and payment has been received.

Please do not respond to that email.

The Office of Admissions will send a letter with information about acceptance, completing Placement Testing and attending Advising and Registration.