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Important Announcements

You are strongly encouraged to apply as early as possible prior to the start of each academic term.

The application deadline for spring semester 2015 is December 29, 2014.

Applying early assures you:

  • The best service during your transition to college
  • The best course availability as courses with high demand fill early
  • The best class times (morning classes fill first)
  • The best preparation for placement testing
  • On-time processing of your financial aid.

Early application for financial aid also assures you priority consideration for all of the available financial aid programs for which you may be eligible.

Separate admissions and financial aid applications are required.

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You should NOT apply online if you are:

A Visiting Student -

Visiting students should not submit an application for admission. See the Visiting Student section for additional information.

A Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) Student -

PSEO students should not apply online. See PSEO Program for additional information on eligibility requirements and how to apply.

In order to be accepted to Normandale Community College, you must submit your application with the payment for the application fee, official transcripts and immunization records to the Office of Admissions.
Print Application PDF download « Instead of the online application form, students may fill out the Print Application.

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Online Application Instructions

Apply Online

Apply using our Online Application. As you can see from the instructions below, there are many screens to drive through. If you need assistance you can visit us at Normandale and apply online here using one of admissions' computers where help is readily available for any questions.

Click Start Application


Select "Start Application" to begin.

There are 8 short pages to fill out in the admissions part of the application.

Watch out for the * required fields.

Last Step in Normandale's Online Application Form to Submit

The admissions part of the Online Application Form has 8 sections (screens) to complete. Click on "Submit Selected Applications" for this part.

This is followed by 3 screens to get to the "Pay Now" for the $20 application fee (see below).

Finally, there are 4 more screens until you get to the US Bank credit card transaction form to actually pay the $20 application fee online (see below).

Check Records Screen


The next screen after section 8 (above) is to check to see if there are any other records in the system to avoid duplicates. It is optional. Click "Next."

Create Your Account

This next screen creates a username and password that is of limited use at Normandale, but required for this form process.

After you apply, you will be directed to get a StarID, which is used for most everything here at Normandale.

Click "Save Account."

Finally, near the end...


Finally, nearing the end of the actual form submission, then on to the $20 application fee online payment.

Get out your credit card while the wheel spins.

Click Pay Now


Click "Pay Now" to enter the $20 application fee form.

Click Make a Payment


On this one, click "Make a Payment."

Select Specific Charges


Select "Payment Toward Specific Charges" for this screen.


Almost there: click "Continue."

Pay Now Screen

This is the final springboard to the US Bank website for the credit card transaction to pay the $20 application fee at Normandale.

Verify that all of the fields correspond with the credit card:

  • Enter the credit card number without any spaces.
  • Enter the expiration date in this format: MMYY. An example would be 1205 (December of 2005)
  • Enter the three-digit card code from the back of the credit card.
  • Enter the name on the credit card exactly as it appears on the card.
  • Enter the address and phone number of the card holder, as it appears on the credit card bill or statement.
  • If all of this information is accurate, but you are still receiving an error, the credit card may be invalid.
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If you experience problems paying online contact 1-877- GO-MNSCU (1-877-466-6728).

You will receive an automated email response that your online application and payment has been received. Please do not respond to this email.

The Office of Admissions will send a letter with information about acceptance, completing Placement Testing and attending Advising and Registration.